How Sugar Contributes To Gum Disease

When it comes to gum disease, a lot of people hear that they have to floss and then tune out for the rest. While flossing is a great way to improve and maintain gum health, it's not the only thing that you need to know about. The amount of sugar that you eat could have a potential impact on your gums, too. Here's what you need to know about the problems it causes and how you can combat them.

This Is Why You Should Avoid Citrus If You Have Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth is a difficult issue to get through and one that doesn't go away on its own. If you've been told to avoid certain foods and drinks and don't know why, this simple guide will help to explain why you should avoid citrus. When Enamel Is Thin When the enamel on your teeth is thin, the nerves are closer to the surface. This means that they can readily feel things that come into contact with them.

This Is What Your Dentist Will Do To Prevent Pain During And After Your Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth extracted might make you nervous, but you don't need to worry about pain being a factor. This might seem hard to believe, but dentists have mastered the art of controlling pain. From the moment you enter the dentist's office to long after you've gone home, you shouldn't experience any discomfort. Here's why. During The first thing your dentist will do to ensure that you don't experience any pain is to use general anesthesia.

Why Your Dentist Needs To Know About Your Medical History

When you go to the doctor, you might think it is normal to fill out paperwork with information about your medical history. You might have always wondered why it is necessary to provide this information when you see the dentist, though. After all, it might not seem like your dentist really needs to know about all of your medical history just to clean your teeth or put in a filling. However, you should provide your dentist with all of this information for these reasons and more.

Need Emergency Dental Attention? Here's How To Get Help

A swollen cheek or sharp, uncontrollable mouth pain is a sign of a dental emergency. Without dental care, you may not be able to decipher what the root of the problem is. That is why it's important to see a dentist right away. But unfortunately, those urgent dental problems often happen either after business hours or on weekends. Of course, most dental practices are closed during these times, but here are some suggestions for still getting proper emergency dental care.