A Close Up Look At Clear Aligners

If you have crooked teeth but you don't like the idea of wearing regular braces, there may be another alternative. Ask your dentist whether or not you are going to be a good candidate for clear aligners if you think they are a treatment option you would be interested in. Read this article to learn more about these aligners and how they work. What are clear aligners? Clear aligners are clear appliances that are designed to fit your mouth.

3 Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

Almost everyone wants a bright, white, movie star smile. However, not everyone can afford expensive whitening treatments from the dentist, and many people's teeth are too sensitive to tolerate the harsh chemicals involved in drugstore whitening strips. So what else can you do to whiten your smile without breaking the bank, or your teeth? Listed below are three natural teeth-whitening methods to try out. 1. Get Counter-Intuitive Oddly enough, many substances that would leave dark stains on your clothes can actually have the opposite effect on your teeth.

Common Dental Concerns for Elderly Patients

As sturdy as your teeth may be, as you grow older they become more prone to certain problems that come with age. Your teeth become a little weaker and more susceptible to the effects of decay. This doesn't mean that your teeth will necessarily be worse for wear, but knowing what you might face can help you take better care of your teeth now to prevent negative effects. Reduced Saliva Production

Desperate To Avoid A Root Canal? A Pulp Capping Procedure May Save You The Trouble

When the soft pump inside of your teeth is exposed to air or infectious bacteria, eating and breathing can cause painful toothaches. The usual solution for this problem is a root canal to remove the affected pulp, but this procedure takes a great deal of planning and recovery time after the surgery. If you're hoping to avoid a root canal surgery, you might benefit from a timely dental capping treatment, which can protect the sensitive pulp inside your teeth.

About Having A Tooth With Nerve Damage & Getting It Treated

Have you been struggling with a lot of sensitivity and pain in one of your teeth? You may be experiencing the problem due to having infected nerve tissue in the pulp chamber, but a root canal can give you some relief. In this article, learn about the importance of undergoing a root canal when a tooth has nerve damage. What Causes Nerve Damage in a Tooth? One of the main ways that nerve damage occurs in a tooth is from having a cavity.