About Having A Tooth With Nerve Damage & Getting It Treated

Have you been struggling with a lot of sensitivity and pain in one of your teeth? You may be experiencing the problem due to having infected nerve tissue in the pulp chamber, but a root canal can give you some relief. In this article, learn about the importance of undergoing a root canal when a tooth has nerve damage.

What Causes Nerve Damage in a Tooth?

One of the main ways that nerve damage occurs in a tooth is from having a cavity. All it takes is for bacteria from plaque to get into the cavity and make it to the pulp chamber for an infection to occur. Your nerve tissue will cause pain and sensitivity, but will eventually die if you don't seek prompt treatment from a dentist.

Your tooth can also suffer from nerve damage if you have had a large filling placed in your tooth. Face trauma and cracks in the enamel can also lead to your nerve tissue getting infected. You don't want to leave damaged nerves in the pulp chamber, as it can lead to the formation of a tooth abscess. An abscess is dangerous because it is filled with poisonous pus.

How Should Nerve Damage in a Tooth Be Treated?

The infected nerves must be removed in order for your tooth to feel better. A dentist will have to drill a hole in your tooth through a procedure called a root canal, which will allow him or her to treat the pulp chamber. Tools will be used to scrape out damaged nerve tissue. If you have an abscess, it will be drained during the procedure as well.

The dentist will proceed by filling the hole in after the root canal is performed. You will be giving anesthesia for pain relief during the procedure, and will also be prescribed pain medication upon leaving the clinic. You may be injected with antibiotics before the root canal begins and prescribed some after it is over.

What Does the Root Canal Procedure Cost?

Your specific cost for a root canal will depend on if you have dental insurance, as well as how much coverage is available. Dental insurance may cover over 40% of the fees on your behalf. A root canal can cost over $2,000 on the highest end of the scale, but it depends on which tooth is being treated. Make an appointment with an endodontist like John P Poovey DMD PC to get your tooth treated for nerve damage as soon as possible!