3 Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

If you want to use an implant to replace a missing tooth, then your dentist might have mentioned mini implants. These dental implants are smaller than the norm. They also have some advantages over regular implants. What are they?

1. Faster and Less Invasive Placement

A regular implant treatment can take some time. This is also a relatively invasive procedure.

For example, your dentist has to drill into your jaw bone to make room for the implant post. You then usually have to wait for the site to heal and the bone to bond with the post before you can attach the implant's tooth.

Mini implant work is faster and less invasive. For example, your dentist might be able to fit the implant and its tooth in the same appointment. You won't need multiple appointments over months before you get your new tooth.

Plus, they don't have to drill into your bone in the same way as they would with a regular implant. These implants are smaller and can fit into smaller spaces. So, your healing time is reduced. This procedure is typically easier to tolerate and less uncomfortable.

2. Reduced Bone Density Requirements

Regular implants only work if you have enough bone in the right places to hold the implant post. If you don't have the right amount of bone, then you might still be able to have an implant fitted; however, you might need a bone graft or other procedure to build up the bone to give it the density it needs to hold the implant.

This adds to the time it takes to have an implant fitted. You'll have to build up your bone before your dentist can start the implant work.

Mini implants are smaller than regular implants. They don't need as much bone density as regular implants. So, you might be able to have the implant you want even if your density is low without needing extra augmentation work.

3. Lower Costs

A mini implant should cost less than a regular implant. The reduced size of these products cuts some costs. Mini implants use fewer materials and parts. Plus, you'll spend less time in the dentist's chair during this procedure. You won't have to pay for bone density augmentation. So, your total costs will be lower.

If your dentist thinks that you are a good candidate for a dental implant, then this could be a viable solution. For more information, contact your dentist.