Oral Care Procedures Needed Before Whitening

Most people who opt for dental whitening experience positive results with teeth that are multiple shades whiter. And, while most people can make a direct appointment for whitening, your cosmetic professional may advise you to seek out some assistance from your dentist first. Keep reading to learn about a few things that should be addressed first. 

Dental Cavities 

Dental decay creates an opening in a tooth where the internal aspects of the tooth are exposed. This exposure is one of the reasons why a cavity can hurt. Simply put, the protective enamel is destroyed, leaving the highly sensitive dentin open to the air. And, if this dentin is stressed in any way, strong pain signals will emit from the tooth's nerve. Tooth whitening solutions typically do not stress out the teeth or cause harm. However, the whitening solution can make contact with the dentin, and you will likely feel some pain from this.

So, make sure that your teeth are free from cavities before opting for your dental whitening. The good news is that a resin filling will blend in with your enamel quite well, even after your teeth are whitened. And, you can be sure that your teeth are both healthy and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Since filling appointments can make the teeth feel a little bit sensitive, try to arrange your whitening appointment a few weeks after cavities are removed. This will help to cut down on sensitivities. If you do feel slight discomfort after the whitening, do not worry, this is completely normal. Try using a toothpaste, like Sensodyne, made for sensitive teeth or a product that will strengthen your enamel. 

Gum Irritation

Your cosmetic dentist will look for any signs of infection before completing a tooth whitening. And, if gum irritation, gingivitis, or gum disease are noted, then these things need to be addressed. When the gums are irritated or infected, they will pull away from the teeth. This opens up small gaps around the dental roots where the whitening gel can seep down close to the tooth roots. This can be a bit painful, so it is best to make sure that the inflammation is resolved beforehand.

Additional, gums that are in poor health may feel as though they are burning if any of the whitening solution gets on the tissues inadvertently. Thankfully, gums can bounce back to health quite quickly with a professional dental cleaning and a thorough oral care routine. And, when the gums look pink after a week or two, you can make your whitening appointment. 

If you want to know how you can enhance your oral health while also increasing aesthetics, speak with a cosmetic dental professional.