4 Things A Family Dentist Can Do For You

Taking good care of your teeth is one of the most important things you can do. Doing so will allow you to enjoy better dental health and could be the key to reducing many issues in the future. Having a family dentist you can rely on to assist with keeping your teeth in good shape is sure to be beneficial. Knowing some of the things this dental provider can do for you may be helpful.


The key to finding small dental problems that could turn into larger ones later may rest in getting x-rays. These are typically done on a routine basis when you visit your dentist and only require an extra few minutes to do.

Keep in mind that it may cost a little more to have x-rays done, but these are important for finding and treating decay that may occur over time.

Diagnose Gum Disease

The key to having the healthiest teeth possible starts with having gums that are in excellent condition. You'll want to avoid doing the wrong things and working to engage in vigorous activity for the health of your gums.

If you are diagnosed with gingivitis, it's possible this condition can be reversed in its earliest stages. Of course, you'll need to do what the dentist says to make this possible.


Getting a tooth filled may be something you'll need to do at some stage. If you have a small amount of decay, it's necessary to have this removed and a restoration put in its place. 

There are different materials that your dentist can use to fill the tooth, and these range from porcelain to gold.  Additionally, you may need to get a crown at some point, and this is a job your dental provider can do for you.

Cosmetic Procedures

Helping your smile look its best is one thing your dentist can do, and it's a good idea to have teeth whitening done to get rid of any stains on your teeth. Of course, there are more complicated ways to improve your smile that may include dental bonding and veneers.

Finding a good family dentist is one thing that can help you enjoy better dental health. There are many things this professional can do for you that will enable you to have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Work closely with a family dentist such as John S. Lyon DDS to assist in making this possible.