Is It Bad If A Child Knocks Out A Baby Tooth?

Children can be rowdy and wild, and it is not uncommon for playtime to sometimes result in some pretty scary injuries. Specifically, it is not uncommon for a child to get hit in the mouth due to a fall or another child and accidentally knock out one of their baby teeth. If you are like a lot of parents, seeing your child knock out one of their baby teeth will be a bit scary, but you may be left questioning if the loss of that tooth is really such a big deal. Here's the low down on what you need to know about a child getting their baby tooth knocked out. 

This can be a more serious situation for a younger child. 

If the baby tooth is knocked out when your child is a long way from losing it, it can be best to contact an emergency dentist, like those at Renovo Endodontic Studio, for help. In some cases, the tooth can be reseated into the gumline so it will stay in place until the child gets a little older. Losing a tooth too early can lead to problems with speech development and personal insecurities for the child. If your child is close to the age when they would lose the tooth anyway, having a baby tooth knocked out may not be such a big problem. 

It is best to contact a dentist right away. 

Even if your child is a little older or you suspect the tooth was already loose, it is a good idea to contact an emergency dentist for advice. The dentist will likely want you to bring the child in for a quick assessment of the damage to the soft tissue of their mouth and the rest of the teeth, even if there's nothing that can be done about the tooth that was knocked out. 

Encourage your child to bite down on something to stop the bleeding. 

When a tooth is knocked out, even a baby tooth, it can mean you will see a lot of blood, and this bleeding will need to be stopped as soon as possible. If you have some gauze on hand, roll up a piece and encourage your child to bite down on the material to hold pressure against the gums. If you have no gauze, good paper towels or a clean washcloth will also do the trick. Have your child hold this material in place until the bleeding subsides or you get to the dentist.