How Senior Citizens Maintain Strong Jawlines

Having a strong, defined jaw can do a lot for your overall facial appearance. Sagging skin and jowls are one of the first signs that someone is getting on in years, and having a strong jaw can help to prevent that from happening. While some senior citizens manage to maintain their strong jaws, others don't. If you don't want a saggy jawline when you get older, read on to discover how seniors keep their jaws looking strong.

How Bone Stays Strong

Bones throughout your body are not unchanging objects. When you stop growing and reach adulthood, that doesn't mean that your bones never change again. They repair themselves and build new cells just like the rest of your body. However, how they do this is a little different from the rest of your body.

While stress and strain can be bad for certain parts of the body, bones thrive under it. This is why weight training is good for bones. When bones are subjected to repeated pressure, it signals the body to build new, healthy bone cells. These cells replace damaged ones and beef up bones in general, making them thicker and stronger.

This same process happens in the jaw and mouth. When you chew, bite, and eat, you send pressure into your upper and lower jaw, keeping them strong. You don't need to follow specific exercises to make this happen; just eat solid foods and remember to chew.

Missing Teeth? No Problem

Now, if you're missing one or more teeth or are worried about losing some in the future, you might be wondering how this could affect your jaw. The truth is that this is one of the main reasons why people get weaker jaws as they get older. The good news is, you don't have to go through that.

Even if you're missing most or all of your teeth, you can keep your jaw strong. Dental implants can do this for you. Dental implants are like prosthetic teeth and work in the exact same way as real teeth. Unlike other dental replacements, implants go deep down into your jaw, transmitting pressure the same way that roots of a real tooth would. This allows you to continue signaling the bones in your jaw to stay strong and healthy regardless of your age.

How To Get Help

If you're missing teeth and are worried about your jaw, it's time to visit a dentist at a dental office like Gallery Dental. Most people qualify for dental implants, especially if you're seeking help before your jaw has weakened substantially. However, even if your jaw has already weakened, your dentist can potentially provide you with mini dental implants, which don't require as much bone mass. Since they still work the same way, your jaw will eventually strengthen due to them, and you will see a difference in your face as a result.

Dental implants can help to keep jaws strong or make them strong after they've already lost mass. Don't delay; talk to a dentist if you're missing teeth to ensure that you don't develop sagging, loose skin because of a weakening jawline.