Let The Dentist Do The Teeth Whitening

One of the first things that a person is likely to notice about you is your teeth. If you have great teeth, you will usually have the confidence to have a great smile. There is almost nothing that is as attractive as a confident smile. The problem for many people is that over time their once nice pearly white smile has turned more of a pale yellow. This is the cause of acidic foods and regular wear and tear. The good news is that your dentist will be able to whiten your teeth. Many people have seen great results from getting their teeth whitened from the dentist. Here are a few different things that you can expect from having your teeth whitened professionally at a dentist office.


If you have tried over the counter whiteners you have likely seen a few different types of trays. The good news is that the tray that the dentist is going to use will be sculpted and molded specifically for your mouth. This means that the bleaches will be able to touch every single part of your tooth. You do not have to worry about the fit being correct because the trays will be molded from your exact teeth.


It is important to know that your dentist is not going to simply use bleaches to whiten your teeth. There is a chemical bond between your teeth and the stain that is turning them yellow. There are a few different methods that the dentist is going to use to break that chemical bond. One of the most common is definitely the bleach, but there is so much more to whitening your teeth. The dentist is also going to use lasers, light, and also mild abrasion to whiten those teeth. The dentist may use one method during one visit and them use another method during your next visit. The good news is that the dentist will know exactly how to best whiten your teeth. 


The first thing that you are going to notice is that your teeth are white. The treatments will often last over a few weeks, but you will definitely see improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. You may have heard people say that their teeth were super sensitive after having their teeth whitened, and you can expect to have a little bit of sensitivity. You should know that it is not permanent and will usually subside within a few days.