Improving Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have dental problems, it can have a negative effect on your health, your self-esteem, and your mood in general. In many cases, cosmetic problems can be easily fixed but not all of them are covered by dental insurance. If the problems are cosmetic but have an effect on your physical health, you might be able to get it covered but check before scheduling the work, just in case your insurance won't cover it.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure that involves using a special resin and bonding it to the teeth by curing it with light. The resin is then sculpted or shaped to repair chips or cracks in teeth. It can also be used to fill gaps, reshape teeth, and make general cosmetic changes. It is inexpensive and commonly done by most dentists, making it a good option for general cosmetic dental repairs.

Dental Veneers

Basically a wafer-thin skin that is attached to the front of the teeth, veneers are used to improve the look and color of existing teeth. They can be made from resin or porcelain and are bonded to the teeth. They serve only to improve the look of the teeth but will not do anything for physical damage. Veneers can not be removed once they are bonded to the teeth but serve a similar function as a crown or cap.

Reshaping the Teeth With Enamel Shaping

The point of enamel shaping is to reshape odd or irregular shaped teeth. The process is painless and offers immediate results for the patient. Ofter times the teeth are whitened or covered with veneers after they are reshaped for a nicer appearance. If you have overcrowded teeth, misshaped teeth, or just some unsightly or irregular teeth, this procedure could be perfect for you. Talk to the dentist and get their opinion as they will know what is best in your situation.

Braces and Teeth Straightening

The old style braces that used to be common on the front side of your teeth are still used but are not as common as they used to be. Today you can get braces that are attached to the back of the teeth instead so they are far less visible. There are color brackets, clear brackets, tooth colored brackets if you want them, and even plastic molds that are used to move the teeth. The molds are clear and can be worn without being visible most of the time. They are also great because they do not involve attaching brackets to the teeth and tightening them regularly.