Getting Used To Your New Dentures

Adjusting to dentures can take some time. Having what seems to be a huge device stuffed into your little mouth and maintaining the ability to talk and eat with it in place seems impossible at first. If you are preparing to get dentures or have been wearing them for a short time, you can benefit from the tips below to help you adapt much more quickly.

Get the Perfect Fit

Your dentures shouldn't cause you any discomfort. When they are made to fit your mouth exactly, there shouldn't be any areas that rub, pinch or feel loose. If you have discomfort at all when wearing your dentures, go back to your dentist and have the necessary adjustments made. So many people think that they just have to get used to wearing their dentures before they fit comfortably, but the truth is, they should fit comfortably from the first minute they are put in your mouth.

Use a Mirror for Exercises

Mouth exercises – really? It may sound silly, but getting in front of the mirror and doing a few exercises can help you adapt to the way your mouth moves with dentures in it. Stretch your mouth all the way open, squeeze your cheeks and wiggle your jaw around. As you do this, you will notice that some movements may bump the dentures loose. Doing this now, while in private can help you learn what expressions not to make when you are out in public.

The more accustomed you become to how the dentures fit into your mouth as you move it all around, the more natural they will feel as you go about your day carrying on conversations and eating your meals.

Snack Time for Practice

Eating can be one of the biggest adjustments when wearing dentures, but it really can be nearly as natural with your dentures as it once was with your natural teeth. Eat small snacks several times through the day to get used to how the food feels in your mouth. It will feel different because you can't feel the crunch or the food as you once did, or feel it sliding across the roof of your mouth, but with time, you will hardly notice. And think about the benefit – you don't have to worry about scorching the roof of your mouth with pizza that you just couldn't wait to cool off before eating it.

The most important element of wearing dentures comfortably is the fit – after you achieve the right fit, everything else will come with time. Talk with your dentist to resolve any problems that you are having so that you can begin adapting to your dentures the way you are meant to.

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