Can Dental Veneers Help With Your Dental Issue?

If you have dental problems, you may be a good candidate for getting dental veneers. They can be used to correct a multitude of different issues, giving you a healthy and great looking set of teeth. This article will explain what veneers are and cover many of the conditions veneers may be chosen as the best option for.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are porcelain coverings for your teeth, you can think of them as a type of shell. They are designed to match the color of the rest of your teeth, but can also be used to give you a whiter smile by putting them on all your teeth. They are also shaped to meet their needs, whether that be fixing a chipped tooth or straightening a crooked smile.

What problems can veneers correct?

Discolored teeth - If your teeth are discolored, veneers can be used to give you a whiter, brighter smile. Your dentist can help you choose a color that goes with a shade of white that goes with your natural complexion so you can have a naturally white smile. This is especially great for conditions that can't be treated with teeth whitening treatments.

Chipped or broken teeth – If you have a chipped or broken tooth, it can be repaired by having a veneer put on it. The veneer will be colored to match and shaped to make the tooth damage underneath undetectable.

Uneven teeth – If your teeth are uneven, veneers can be used to correct the issue, making all your teeth even and natural looking.

Gapped teeth – If you have large gaps in your teeth, veneers can be put on to fill those gaps, causing your teeth to have the proper spaces between each tooth.

Teeth with rough texture – If your teeth are pitted or damaged in other ways on their surfaces, the veneers will cover those imperfections. This will give you glossy, great looking teeth while covering any weak spots that can lead to the development of cavities.

How are veneers put on?

The dentist will use a dental tool to grind your teeth down enough to make room for the veneers. They will make an impression of your mouth and the veneers will be made to fit, using the impression. Then, the dentist will put a bonding material on your teeth and attach the veneers. When you leave the office, you will have a smile you'll be much happier with.