What Should I Know About Dental Veneers?

Taking good care of your teeth allows you not only benefit your health, but also give off a beautiful, exuberant physical appearance. This can work wonders for your self-image and also help you to feel great whenever you are speaking in a business setting. When it comes to dental procedures, veneers are a great way for you to put forth an excellent dental appearance. If you have ever considered veneers, but aren't sure what to expect, read the following information to help you out. 

What exactly are dental veneers?

A veneer is essentially a set of false teeth implanted to the front of your teeth so that they are uniform and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are made of porcelain material and are intended to give you the perfect smile. You'll get your money's worth out of these procedures, as they are quick and efficient. For most situations, you won't have to undergo any sort of anesthesia and will have a quick recovery process. 

​How do I know if I need dental veneers?

There are a lot of circumstances that might negate dental veneers. If you have any of the following circumstances, it might be wise to get veneers:

  • Your teeth are worn down, dull and rounded off
  • You have broken and chipped sets of teeth
  • Your teeth have become discolored and potentially in need of a root canal
  • You have a lot of spaces and gaps in your teeth

What are some advantages of getting veneers?

You'll need to make sure that you understand some of the advantages of getting veneers, before reaching out to the dentist and getting the service that you need. Consider some of the following benefits of veneers:

  • These false teeth are virtually identical with natural teeth, so that people won't be able to tell the difference
  • You'll be able to resist getting stained teeth, which happens as a result of drinking soda, coffee and other beverages
  • You get the appearance of beautiful teeth, without having to make any alterations to your natural teeth, as you would with crowns and bridges

What is the cost of a veneer?

You will need to be sure that you are getting the price that is right for your budget when it comes to veneers. When it comes to veneers, you can expect to pay between $925 and $2,500 for every tooth when installing porcelain veneers, and between $250 and $1,500 for each tooth for composite veneers. Shopping around with dentists and speaking to your insurance providers will give you a precise idea of how much you might pay for this service. 

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