Why You Shouldn't Let Your Embarrassment Keep You From Dental Treatment

Are you embarrassed about your crooked, stained or cracked teeth? Do you fear that the dentist will admonish your dental aesthetics? If the embarrassment is keeping you from getting cosmetic dentistry treatment, then you should know that:

Delayed Treatment May Lead to Other Dental Problems

There are some teeth problems that may look cosmetic, but they also have dental health connotations. For example:

  • Malocclusions (bad bite problems) increase the risk of dental decay
  • Living with missing teeth can lead to loss or tipping of adjacent teeth

As you can see, these are problems that are usually solved by cosmetic dentists. However, their respective treatments also benefit your dental health. Therefore, if you don't get the "cosmetic" treatment you need, then your dental health will suffer too.

Besides, delaying your cosmetic dentistry treatment may lead to a vicious cycle of teeth problems. For example, if you have stained teeth and don't go to the dentist, then they may get more stained with time. The darker your teeth get, the more your embarrassment will deepen, you won't go to the dentist, and the problem will only get worse. 

The Dentist Has Seen Worse

One of the things you may not know, but should know, is that your dentist has seen teeth just as bad, or even worse, than yours. If you have crooked teeth, and you think that they are the worse, then that is just because you haven't seen lots of crooked teeth. Perform a quick search of pictures of crooked teeth online, and you are likely to appreciate the kind of teeth dentists deal with.

Besides, there are many reasons for seeking cosmetic dentistry services. For example, have you seen how stained some teeth are? What about if they are stained and crooked at the same time? The point is this: there is a very slim chance that the dentist will be shocked by your dental appearance.

Dentists Are Understanding

Lastly, you shouldn't be embarrassed by your bad teeth because dentists are very understanding when it comes to teeth damage. Your dentist isn't likely to admonish you over your missing or stained teeth; instead, he or she will strive to make the consultation as positive an experience as possible. Instead of "lecturing" you about your (perceived or real) lack of dental hygiene, your dentist is likely to engage in open communication with you and help you understand the benefits of oral care – and how to enjoy them.

Therefore, you should make the first step in getting your "embarrassing" dental issue checked out by a professional dentist. Try this: go for an initial consultation, and if you don't like it, move to another practice. Alternatively, you can ask your friends and colleagues to recommend some friendly cosmetic dentists.

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